Friday, January 18, 2008

What am I doing up at 5:30am? pt.1

5:30am Friday morning. What am I doing up, listening to Andre Nickatina?
Im a workin' man, shouldn't I have got this out of my system when I was 22?
I suppose that's a rhetorical question, but questions or not, here I am, double fisting, waiting for the water to boil so I an French-press-the-fuck out of some coffee.

Nevertheless, the story that got me to this point is a kind of funny, to me at least, and isn't that what blogs are for anyways?, so lets take a look.

Now, its pretty much a given that I work till 6 or so. That fact is not incredibly interesting, the work itself may be, but thats an entirely different conversation. Moving forward...

Go to the gym, blast the lats, get huge, etc., take a communal shower (*wink*), walk to market and jump on the 38 bus to meet up with my buddy Sean at some martini joint in the Tenderloin called Olive. Martini joint in the ironic. Grab a fruity drink with Sean and head over to the old house. At some during the day Sean and I had decided that going to the "Firehouse" was the best plan for the night. Grab a 12 pack or something, NOT spend a million bucks at the bars, grab a meal to make from the grocery store and meet up with some friends. Ballers on a budget.
At this point the night could go any way, but what ended up happening was a lot more tame than you might imagine. Three dudes, sitting on the couch, eating corn dogs and chicken nuggets, watching old Simpsons episodes. Still, not a bad night, but surely nothing to blog about. But my nights usually have two pivotal moments; deciding if booze will be involved and deciding where I will lay head for the night. No booze, but I decided to crash at my old place in the Richmond.
Im not sure if I purposefully sabotaged myself, but I know that "crashing" = couch, and there were still at least two roommates who had yet to come home. And if you know anything about my friends, they don't just "come home," they come home drunk, rowdy, and bearing gifts.
But the key is, they were not home yet, and I was tired. So I decided to hit the couch and hopefully be too passed out by the time anyone got home.

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