Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Things Women Do...

So, my friend Lyndsay and I talk from time to time on things such as politics, philosophy and worldly issues. Occasionally our conversations will take us in the realms of fashion and trends. These types of conversations will typically go something like this:

Lyndsay: "I wanna get my haircut, what do you think about bangs?"
Ryan: "Thats a terrible idea, OH!, unless you're trying to repel men and make everyone think you're a 9-year-old, then in that case, Id say its a great idea."
Lyndsay: "Thanks, dick."
Ryan: "Seriously though, bangs look terrible."

And bangs DO look terrible. 99.99% of women cannot pull them off and I'm seriously miffed as to why people are still trying to rock this. My only guess is that people are willing to sacrifice looks for uber-hipness (see: Mission District, SF).

So it got me thinking...there are DEFINITELY a few other looks I'm seeing around town, or have seen over the past couple years that needed some male input (these fashion magazines women read are terrible).

First, the Equestrian look - where women tuck their pants into their horse boots and whack midgets with that whippy thing (the midget part only happens in my head).
I see this every day and think, "if she put a helmet on she'd be an equestrian, if she put a 3-cornered hat on she'd look like Paul Revere."
Your apology is accepted, this look is terrible.

And of course the over-sized sunglasses - where even though we already know you were up till 9am railing lines and tag-teaming 2 Australian rugby players, your ridiculous sunglasses are there to make sure we know what a skeezy lush you are. Even though many of my own friends rock this look, I still gotta tell ya, it looks bad, and makes us think that you're crying...on the inside.

Are there any other looks/trends that you think are god-awful?
Please opine.


Thomas said...

re: Bangs

I agree that it usually doesn't work, but when it does, it's way hot.


Examples of it looking awful:

It depends on you do it, and how your face is shaped.

Thomas said...


Beware when doing a google image search of "bangs"


Ben said...
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Ben said...

I would like to nominate the Dress with Jeans look. I have yet to see a girl look hot while doing this. Dress with Jeans!

Thomas said...

I kinda dig the jeans with dress look, myself.