Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I Like about NYC be followed by a "Things I Hate about NYC" post. As for now, here is a short list of things I like, even love about New York:
  • People here are a lot nicer than they get credit for
  • EVERYTHING stays open later
  • Everyone can tell Im from California - I don't know why, but I dig that
  • The blocks are so short, I feel like I can walk everywhere
  • Soooo many cabs! You'd never have to call ahead for a cab just to wait an hour for some sweatpants wearin' slob to show up
  • Cabs that actually have reliable credit card payment methods other than some janky, works-only-sometimes box that looks like it was made by some dude who ordered parts out of a hobby magazine
  • Coffee for under a buck...think about it, when is that last time you saw that?
  • Although Im hesitant, streetfood thats more than just bacon-wrapped hot dogs
  • People, of all ages, seem to have pretty hip sneaker style - I have an inner sneaker geek in me, so I notice things like that
  • Most restaurants have these little tents around the doorway to prevent cold air from blowing in everytime the door opens

I am here...

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Thomas said...

You should head to Hell's Kitchen. My mom loves that show!

*Ryan* said...

haha, i didnt know what the title of that show was referring to till i got here...just thought it was you know, just some name.
but i like that show too
**looking around shifty eyed and nervous, realizing i may have more in common than i expected with the mother o'brien**

V3R3NIC3 said...

aww ryan!! you are in the cold!!!! come to DR.. you are like 3 hours away!!! its so cheap coming from NY.. next business trip to NY plan to come to DR its like 300 US or even cheaper and its like a 2.5 hour flight! :)

Thomas said...

If it makes you feel better, my dad loves it, too. They also watch the other one with that guy where he fixes the restaurants.