Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Uncensored Tres Agaves post

Removed Review:

As if the food and prices weren't enough of a reason to protest, Tres Agaves is now being accused of not paying its workers.
According to protesters outside of the building, management has admitted to not complying with mandated break laws, does not pay overtime, tricks employees to work off the clock and does not pay workers for their first week of work.
Prior to these allegations I would have cringed whenever Tres Agaves was suggested for group outings, now I recommended running the opposite direction and show support for the workers in protest.


jaredrivera said...

Everyone at Tres Agaves works hard, and whether it's a staff meal or drinks at the end of the night, or the company sponsored Tequila tasting trip to Mexico for several employees, we are committed to making sure that our family is having fun too. Restaurant work is some of the most labor-intensive, and while anyone who has worked in the industry knows that a break in the middle of a rush hour is often impossible, we try to compensate for the realities of the business with generous meals and a policy of treating employees to post-shift drinks. Joseph and the entire management team are hard at work every day and night, and we know firsthand how tough this business is. The bottom line is that we're in it together, we make every effort to be fair, and we're equally concerned with keeping things fun.

Open and productive communication is essential to any business, so we make a point of being available to sit down and talk with our staff about any and all of their concerns. Unfortunately, the megaphones, loud bells, and aggressive tactics of these handful of angry individuals not only hurt the customers and hard-working staff, but they are an unproductive means of addressing concerns. Customers get caught in the cross-fire, and the complaints, whatever they may be, get lost in the hostile and often illegal methods of expression.

We are happy to speak at greater length on the issue, and sincerely hope that everyone takes full advantage of our policy of open, friendly, and professional communication. Next time you are in the restaurant, we encourage you to ask your server what it's like to work at Tres Agaves. There's no better source of information than the person who is there every day, pouring your tequila and collapsing with the crew after we've made it through another busy night.

Eric Rubin

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

I'll back the Tres Agaves blog stalker in that it's impossible to take breaks in the middle of a dinner rush. I've worked at restaurants and it sucks...but that's the biz.

Nonetheless, he doesn't address the other concerns that RyRo has said that the workers claim...mainly, not being paid for the first week (whaa?), tricking the employees to work off the clock (double whaa?), and not paying overtime. Although, if youre getting tricked into working off the clock, you probably deserve it. I'd love to hear the story behind that.

In much more crucial news...Ryan promised me TWO posts a week or a free drink, but the headline says only one.

I do enjoy the Tres Agaves stalking. And, if Mr. Rubin would agree to include Ryan and me on their next Tequila tasting trip to Mexico, I'm sure Ryan would agree to drop his protest.

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Did that fool really just google himself?