Friday, January 25, 2008

New York Playlist

Help me out here, Im leaving for New York tomorrow morning and wanted to make the perfect "Im Going to New York" playlist. This playlist should be multi-faceted, multi-genre'd, multi-cultural(?) Encompassing many moods, emotions and types of activities one might do in Manhattan while rocking out to his RyPod.
Here's what I have so far...

New York, New York - Frank Sinatra: So obvious, but how do you pass it up, really?

Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones: Although I can't go to CBGB's, this is definitely a classic NY punk rock band and tune.

Ruby Soho - Rancid: Kind of a stretch, but I love Rancid so that's that.

No Sleep till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys: I like this song more for the fact that its Rich Aurilia's entrance song at Pac Bell...but works here as well.

Theres gotta be some Biggie or Nas songs Im missing, what else am I missing. Any suggestions?

To be revisited...


Kilgore Trout said...

Interpol - NYC

Anything from their first album, "Turn on the Bright Lights" is a perfect mood-setter for that city. Have a good time!

*Ryan* said...


The Bouncing Souls - East Coast, Fuck You

Ben said...

New York (Ya Out There) - Rakim (18th Letter/Book Of Life)

Thomas said...

Oops. I totes missed this before you left. Nonetheless!

Fear - I Love Livin in the City

Ella and Louis - Autumn in New York

Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five - New York New York

Pogues/Irish Tenors/No Use For a Name - Fairytale of New York
(I prefer the Pogues)

Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday (don't ask me why, makes me think of NYC)

Simon and Garfunkle - The Only Living Boy in New York (lots of Simon and Garfunkle songs feel very NYC...e.g. "59th Street Bridge (Feelin Groovy)

Velvet Underground/Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby

Beach Boys - Girl From New York City

Andrew WK - I Love NYC

Third Eye Blind - Motorcycle Drive By

Billy Joel - New York State of Mind

Rancid - Olympia, WA

Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died

Keeping Tech Blog > Searching Google said...


any time anyone from our generation thinks of NYC, they think of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Whoever disagrees with me is a liar.