Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How do you like your iPhone now?

So here we are in January 2008, still at war, still suffering from bad TV due to striking writers (are you seriously going to watch American Gladiators? plz!), still barely caring about the upcoming presidential election, and even though you had to give up your first born just to pay for it, you're probably still pretty stoked on your iPhone.
Well, check it out...
In a recent post in his media-based web log - Media Curmudgeon, Charles Warner, a man who has guest lectured in a few of my classes at San Francisco State, and done some other stuff - sheds some light on the future of broadcast television and TV going all digital in 2009:

"the F.C.C. is going to auction off a big piece of the electromagnetic spectrum which will become available when TV stations go all digital, HDTV in 2009. Don’t ask me how it works, because it’s too complicated for me to understand. But I do know that an auction will take place and that Google is considering bidding at a price that might be around $7 billion...Google wants the electromagnetic spectrum to create a nationwide wireless network – a reliable network from which Google cell phones could access the Internet free. Such a system would essentially put Verizon and ATT Wireless out of business"

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, the possibility of free cell phone service can be a reality as soon as 2009!...IF you have a Google phone. Buying a Google phone seems pretty justifiable if it means free wireless service nationwide...unless of course you just spent a billion dollars on an iPhone.
Even more salt in the wound of every iPhone O'Brien out there is knowing that Google has yet to fail at putting out innovative, kickass products...so you know their long awaited attempt at wireless software and hardware should be pretty money.

I know it sounds like I'm slurping Google pretty hard here, and I am, however, as I've said in the past, I am motivated by spite, and I couldn't be MORE spiteful toward the iPhone-having chumps of the world.

-Sent from my future Google Phone...for FREE!


Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

First of all, what experience does google have in putting out HARDWARE. As far as I know, zero. Their first go around won't be without kinks. And even if they decide to outsource it, I wouldn't be surprised if they chose Apple. Apple would certainly be looking for somewhere to shop their newest generation of iPhones if AT&T really did go out of the cellular provider business.

Second, we are talking multiple years down the road. No doubt the iPhone will be long since obsolete by the time this becomes an issue.

Third, as I've said to you before, I paid half price. So I'm not worried about spending $200 for a phone that I keep for 2 years.

Fourth, you make quite the leap to say that google would offer "free cell phone service." He said they could access the internet free...there's a big difference.

Fifth, if you think the big cell phone conglomerates are going to sit by and let Google put them out of business, if this even WOULD put them out of business, I've got a bridge to sell you. They certainly won't go down without a fight.

And even if they did, I'm sure it'd be fairly easy to unlock the iPhone and sign up for whatever Google's service would be. On top of that, like I said, in 2 years I'll definitely be wanting a newer/faster/better phone...I'm not worried about it. At all.

*Ryan* said...

Thomas, in truth, I am skeptical of Google's attempt at hardware, however, there are a few flaws in YOUR arguement(s):

a. ATT and Apple are in bed with each other for 4+ more years

b. Not MULTIPLE years, 1 year dude

c. YOU paid half price, but hella fools paid A LOT more than you did, and with all the add-ins, ive heard some pretty lofty numbers for total cost, when all's said and done

d. Its not a big leap, Warner even suggested that the implications were free wireless service, and the man knows a thing or two about media sales

e. The conglomerates are dumber than Google...but alas, you are right, they'll pull SOMETHING together, although, Google's slogan IS "Don't Be Evil"...whats ATT's motto?

f. You have a chick phone

Thomas said...


a. If AT&T goes out of the wireless business, Apple won't be held to that contract. Next!

b. 2009 before they have the AUCTION. By the time they got a phone developed, their network developed, the marketing etc...you are looking at 2010 at the EARLIEST. Next!

c. What do I care what they paid? And I didn't get hella add-ons. Next!

d. No, read it again. He said free INTERNET. But I think if you asked him to reassess that comment, he would and he'd take a step back. Regardless, he didn't say free WIRELESS CELL PHONE SERVICE. He said free internet access from phones. Again, I submit, a big difference. Regardless, he's not involved with google and any speculation that they wouldn't charge customers is pretty laughable. Next!

e. What's your point, though? You didn't really make one.

f. You were all over iPod's nuts way before most were. Your hate of the iPhone is ironic in that regard. I remember you telling me how much you liked your iPod when I was rocking an Archos, haha. It's just a phone. My iPod broke and I was also looking into a fancier phone with internet access. I figured, why drop $500 on the two of them combined when I could drop $200 (or $400 if I had to pay full price) and get both in one?

Is it a chick phone? I don't think so. I'm not a huge tech-y. It does what I need it to do and I am satisfied with it. Why people gotta hate is beyond me.

Keeping Tech Blog > Searching Google said...

I didn't read any of your bullshit bickering amongst eachother, and truthfully, I probably never will (unless I really get bored) and I don't give a shit about pro iphone v con iphone.

The thing is, google is not releasing their own phone, at least not now.

Andromeda, which they released and they are paying people to develop on, is a phone operating system. It's not a phone in and of itself.

Also, it should be pointed out that google has failed at many, MANY, different attempts to corner a number of markets. lest we forget video.google.com (the youtube killer, which, as we know, they BOUGHT youtube) or answers.google.com (which they closed down because they couldnt compete with answers.yahoo.com) so to say that google has been successful at EVERYTHING is stupid (and I just named only two, out of the MANY things that they have failed at.)

But anyway, the thing that they will never be able to beat Apple at is marketing. Apple has the most rock solid fucking marketing I have ever seen, and I doubt many people could argue against that. They don't even need to argue for their products, they just need to argue against their competitors. Who else can do that?

Regardless, I don't know where I am going with this, and I cannot see the whole of what I have written, unless I scroll up (and I am too lazy to do so) so in summation, go fuck yourself.

Keeping Tech Blog > Searching Google said...

Ok I read your bullshit bickering.

What your home boys dad was suggesting was that Google WILL offer free phone service. But it will not be the traditional gsm/cdma network that we are all used to, if they were to do something like that it would be over wi-fi with cellular fall back.

Google is in the hardware business somewhat, they have hardware you can drop into your data center and I believe it is manufactured through Dell.

Also, iphone isn't a "business" phone so it will never (unless they push out a lot of new features) take over the business world, which is ultimately where a big chunk of change is sitting.

Pops Warner over there should have specified what he meant by free cell phone service or whatever he said.

I could be wrong, and probably am but I don't care. Also, I made that comment last night and I was absolutely tanked, so if it doesn't make sense it probably shouldn't.

*Ryan* said...

Just wanna quickly point out that Apple only has roughly 5% of the desktop/laptop market...and they DO do a pretty good job marketing their own stuff. But I would also argue that theyve really learned to exploit the vanity of Americans..."if it looks pretty, I will buy it."

Keeping Tech Blog > Searching Google said...

They only have that little of share is because their hardware is so expensive.

And like you said, this also appeals to American's vanity.

Also mac users look like fucking douche bags while sipping their lattes at starbucks.