Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Web 5.0!

Ive had some pretty random thoughts over the past week that seem interesting(enough), but haven't inspired enough for a full post. Nevertheless, a great portal into what has run through my head the last week or so.
This is the schizophrenic post.

Ive never done an Evite before, can you embed audio into an evite? geez, this is so embarrassing

Is it Sex IN the City, or Sex AND the City?...Either way, I hope the movie is terrible

Drinking out of those long-skinny Trumer Pils glasses makes me feel like im in science class

Im totally addicted to rating movies on my Netflix account

Other than Miller's Eastcoast West Deli, San Francisco just doesn't get sandwiches

If I was in an actual band, I would absolutely loathe "The Shakeup"

I love the "Readers Poll" in SF Weekly's Best of San Francisco. The best account of what the newbie/novice population thinks is "best" in San Francisco

Bay to Breakers was awesome - too bad I only made it to somewhere around GG Park/Panhandle...not as many naked people as last year either, I think

Finding the "mustache ride" clip from Super Troopers on Youtube is harder than you might think

Although it had its moments that made me cringe, I liked the new Indiana Jones...and what better place to watch than the Castro Theater

Just another example of things I am allowed to do, and noone else: Talking on your cell phone on the there anything more irritating?

Can anyone think of a better nickname for Giants young ace, Tim Lincecum, other than "The Enchanter"?

How do people manage more than one social networking site?

Ticketmaster - worst service company ever

Despite his $126 million contract, Barry Zito has only one more win than I do this season

I saw some dude wearing a shirt for a Facebook developers conference - not sure thats something I'd be proud of(?), but I guess if dudes put their expertise with Facebook on their resumes, wearing the shirt aint that big of a deal

Updates on the list of things that are not attractive whatsoever: boots with socks worn higher than the top of the boot, those stupid scarfs that are all the sudden popular with hipsters and Kanye West wannabes, gladiator sandals on girls - not attractive, sorry

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome Faker Fans

I love competition, I love passion, I love determination, rivalries, will power and all that good stuff that goes along with the pursuit of the ultimate success in athletics. I love sports.
These types of emotions are never better displayed than in any particular sport's tournament for a championship. Seeing a team or a player excel in high-drama and play like a champion is why we are fans. Being able to witness your favorite player hoist his or her index finger in the air with his last bit of strength, proving to the world that there is noone else who may rightfully lay claim to the number one, has got to be the most rewarding feelings in fandom. Although I have never seen any one of my favorite teams hoist a trophy or reach that plateau of champion amongst all, I have come close...and I have definitely been there for the dramatic ride from a season's infancy, into adolescence, adulthood and come oh-so-close to seeing my team wear the crown of kings.
It is impressive that a film has the ability to make viewers feel emotionally attached to characters and storylines in 2.5 hours. Can you imagine being able to capture the levels of emotion attached to following the dramatic story of a team unfold for 8 months?

Well, if you're from Los Angeles, imagining is the best you can do.

In my 25 years I have literally met one real Lakers fan. Someone who watches games prior to April. Someone who can actually name the starting five, not just "Kobe." I mean, there is a lot more that goes into being a "real fan", and I have to assume fan-status can be argued to death, but I think caring before playoffs start and knowing who is actually representing your team is a good place to start. You also see similar lame-ness with the Dodgers, whose fans are notorious for coming an hour late and leaving an hour early, and magically turning into Angels fans when it becomes convenient. Again, in my 25 years, Ive only met one real Dodgers fan.

So as I sit here watching the NBA playoffs - watching Kobe Bryant be more smug and assface-y than the year before, I can't help but think of the Los Angeles fans feigning real emotion. Like the person who never saw the nominated film and only pretended to care when the Oscars came around and lied to everyone that he had seen it just to be accepted and matter. Its sad in a way.

I guess thats the best you can do LA...faking it. And based on most of the people I've met, TV show The Hills, and the Paris Hilton sex tape, you're quite good at faking it.

But screw you. (not you JRands or Uncle Frank)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Is Your Brain on...Fox News

Since you were probably up at 6:45 this morning and watching "America's Newsroom" on Fox News Channel - I imagine you were wondering...whoa! wait a minute, who's brain was that?
Well worry no longer, that brain, or MRI image of a brain belongs to yours truly.
Although I can't find the story on their site, I imagine they have some sort of fact-room where they are using one of those legal balancing things to make sure everything is, in fact, fair and balanced. And on the floor, in the corner, is the story from this mornings edition of "America's Newsroom" with the picture of my brain. I'll just wait by the mailbox for my check to come *twiddling thumbs*

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank You SDSU!

You sure did take your time, but thank you for giving these Frat-assholes exactly what they deserve.

In case you hadn't heard, almost 100 people were arrested earlier this week, 75 students, at San Diego State University in an on-campus drug bust. Seized by the cops were 2 kilos of coke, pounds of marijuana, 350 pills of ecstasy, methamphetamine, hash oil, prescription drugs, several guns and $60k in cash. (story on Yahoo! News)

Now, it is really unfortunate, that in all of this there are the fatalities of a young SDSU sorority girl and Mesa College student to remember. So I will try to present my thoughts as respectful as possible. That being said, I am taking great personal joy in (almost) this entire story.
FINALLY the SDSU fraternity system is being exposed for the arrogant, entitled, moronic, thoughtless, asshole criminals they are.
Each and every nugget of information that has been released is almost as hilarious as it is revealing and pitiful. And I am laughing all the way to the perfect-ending bank.

I mean seriously - "Those arrested included a student who was about to receive a criminal justice degree and another who was to receive a master's degree in homeland security." What is this...a Naked Gun movie starring Leslie Nielsen and OJ?
And it only gets funnier...
"A sad commentary is that when one of these individuals was arrested, they inquired as (to) whether or not his arrest and incarceration would have an effect on him becoming a federal law enforcement officer," said Ralph Partridge, special agent in charge of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in San Diego.
In further reports, federal agents were stunned at how easy of a bust this was. No suspicions, no regard for getting caught, hell, they sent out text messages advertising sales and whereabouts.
On one hand, these SDSU frat boys seem like pretty dumb criminals...because they are. On the other, more accurate hand, they are arrogant pricks who feel the laws don't apply to them and have no regard for anything that gets in the way of coking up 19-yr-old dorm chicks at the frat house.

After 2 years of "F-you...Guy" treatment from the frat boys of SDSU, I feel like these a-holes have finally had their comeuppance.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Why-O?

We've all played a drinking games before like "kings cup", "asshole" or "flip cup", and Im sure we've all played with someone who never played before or was unfamiliar with the rules. Totally reasonable, we've all been there. This person will usually have an array of questions, explanations, "this is totally like-s" and often times, excuses. Occasionally you'll get the person who boldly states "I don't know how to play, just tell me when I need to drink." Despite the crudeness, I commend this person for the confidence and willing spirit.
That being said, our drinking game novice has also coined the unofficial motto for Cinco de Mayo.

By now, everyone knows its not REEEEAAAALLLYYY the Mexican independence day, and that Mexicans dont REEEEAAAALLLLLYYY celebrate it. Thats common knowledge.
And just as a side note: don't be that guy. You know, the guy who feels the need to let everyone else in on his advanced cultural knowledge by explaining how Mexicans don't REEEEAAAALLLLYYY celebrate Cinco de Mayo. But alas, every Cinco de Mayo, that guy will inevitably speak up and make sure everyone is informed on the ways of the Mexican people. You suck.

So before I get sidetracked...further, let me ask...if it is so overwhelmingly apparent that the Fifth of May is a "Just tell me when to drink" holiday, why is our knee-jerk reaction to rush to the nearest Chevy's to drink Cuervo margaritas and Corona's?
Seriously. Cuervo and Corona are enough to deter me from wanting drink at all, let alone beverages I would choose to celebrate with.
If were basically choosing an arbitrary "holiday" to pour alcoholic beverages down our gullets, shouldn't we aspire for better?
Unless the logic is "faux holiday...faux Mexican food and beverages"--then I guess it all actually makes sense.

To me, its just a day. And I hate Chevy's and Cuervo.

So how did I celebrate my Cinco de Mayo you ask?

I had a warm Tecate and a homemade soycheese quesadilla with Taco Bell good.

**Cinco de Mayo Fact: I had my wallet stolen from my gym locker yesterday - lame.