Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Why-O?

We've all played a drinking games before like "kings cup", "asshole" or "flip cup", and Im sure we've all played with someone who never played before or was unfamiliar with the rules. Totally reasonable, we've all been there. This person will usually have an array of questions, explanations, "this is totally like-s" and often times, excuses. Occasionally you'll get the person who boldly states "I don't know how to play, just tell me when I need to drink." Despite the crudeness, I commend this person for the confidence and willing spirit.
That being said, our drinking game novice has also coined the unofficial motto for Cinco de Mayo.

By now, everyone knows its not REEEEAAAALLLYYY the Mexican independence day, and that Mexicans dont REEEEAAAALLLLLYYY celebrate it. Thats common knowledge.
And just as a side note: don't be that guy. You know, the guy who feels the need to let everyone else in on his advanced cultural knowledge by explaining how Mexicans don't REEEEAAAALLLLYYY celebrate Cinco de Mayo. But alas, every Cinco de Mayo, that guy will inevitably speak up and make sure everyone is informed on the ways of the Mexican people. You suck.

So before I get sidetracked...further, let me ask...if it is so overwhelmingly apparent that the Fifth of May is a "Just tell me when to drink" holiday, why is our knee-jerk reaction to rush to the nearest Chevy's to drink Cuervo margaritas and Corona's?
Seriously. Cuervo and Corona are enough to deter me from wanting drink at all, let alone beverages I would choose to celebrate with.
If were basically choosing an arbitrary "holiday" to pour alcoholic beverages down our gullets, shouldn't we aspire for better?
Unless the logic is "faux holiday...faux Mexican food and beverages"--then I guess it all actually makes sense.

To me, its just a day. And I hate Chevy's and Cuervo.

So how did I celebrate my Cinco de Mayo you ask?

I had a warm Tecate and a homemade soycheese quesadilla with Taco Bell sauce...so good.

**Cinco de Mayo Fact: I had my wallet stolen from my gym locker yesterday - lame.


TheTOB said...

"Informing" people that Mexicans don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo* is lame, but if someone says it is Mexican Independence day, I don't think there's a problem with politely correcting them. Don't act know-it-all-y...just inform.

My Cinco de Mayo was boring. But my Tres de Mayo was rad. We got Mexican beer (no, sir. Not Corona. I got Negra Modelo...and a 12er of PBR) and we sat poolside and drank beers, margo-spots, and had a good time. I almost passed out trying to blow up a float-y ring that I got at the store for $3.99. What a waste of $3.99.

Then we went out and I got so hammered that I don't remember much of the night. Sweet.

*Wikipedia says that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the state of Puebla, but not to the extent it is here.

Lisa said...

Lots of people think I'm Mexcian, but I'm not.

That's all i can really offer here.

Patrick said...

In my college* Spanish class I was the only one to know that it wasn't their Independence Day and that they had actually just fought the French back.

*But this was Community College so you can't really expect much.