Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Best of Ryan Rowe aka Screw Yelp v2.4

Bar None
Category: Bars
Neighborhood: Marina/Cow Hollow

This place is a PG-13 frat party.
Now what about that sentence sounds cool or appealing?
You make the call.

For me...
I can do PG-13 dinners, I can do PG-13 picnics, I can do PG-13 bowling.
I can even do frat parties...if they were, say NC-17ish.
But PG-13 is So...boring.

There is something just generally cheezy feeling about Bar None...Its like you're in an "American Pie" movie that hasn't come out yet, with no original actors, straight to DVD.


Lisa said...

My roommate works at NBC-Universal Home Entertainment.

She is personal friends with all the "actors" in the straight-to-DVD American Pie movies.

It is awful.

Patrick said...

Remember when your (Lisa) roomate tried to give me a free copy of that movie and I didn't even take her up on the offer?

TheTOB said...

Her roommate offered me this:

And I most definitely DID take her up on the offer. Score.

Thanks, Cani!

*RyRowe* said...

Dude, that looks pretty effing sweet.