Friday, April 18, 2008

Best of Ryan Rowe aka Screw Yelp v2.3

21st Amendment Brewery
Categories: Pubs, Breweries, Restaurants
Neighborhood: Soma

"You going to the game?"
"Fuck Yeah"
*high five*

Soooo douchey pre-game. And it hurts my heart.
Ive been coming here for years - I now work across the street and I still come in at least once a week for lunch...had some great beer(they have great beer!), some good bar food and had some great times.

The wait staff is great, the brewpub interior just 'feels' like a good place to drink, TV's with sports...21A is pretty rad.

But I can't stand the pre-game clientele. So whack.


TheTOB said...

This TOTALLY doesn't count. Three drinks!

The Dood said...

You're becoming a yelper Ryan. Thinking you're above everyone else, your opinion is the only one, either they're on your page or they are douche bags. Where's the love dood? I can give you hug if you need one. Tolerance can help you feel better about the world, its people, and even yourself. (my Tony Robbins Moment)

*RyRowe* said...

"the dood" = patrick swayze from Donnie Darko?