Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Web 5.0!

Ive had some pretty random thoughts over the past week that seem interesting(enough), but haven't inspired enough for a full post. Nevertheless, a great portal into what has run through my head the last week or so.
This is the schizophrenic post.

Ive never done an Evite before, can you embed audio into an evite? geez, this is so embarrassing

Is it Sex IN the City, or Sex AND the City?...Either way, I hope the movie is terrible

Drinking out of those long-skinny Trumer Pils glasses makes me feel like im in science class

Im totally addicted to rating movies on my Netflix account

Other than Miller's Eastcoast West Deli, San Francisco just doesn't get sandwiches

If I was in an actual band, I would absolutely loathe "The Shakeup"

I love the "Readers Poll" in SF Weekly's Best of San Francisco. The best account of what the newbie/novice population thinks is "best" in San Francisco

Bay to Breakers was awesome - too bad I only made it to somewhere around GG Park/Panhandle...not as many naked people as last year either, I think

Finding the "mustache ride" clip from Super Troopers on Youtube is harder than you might think

Although it had its moments that made me cringe, I liked the new Indiana Jones...and what better place to watch than the Castro Theater

Just another example of things I am allowed to do, and noone else: Talking on your cell phone on the there anything more irritating?

Can anyone think of a better nickname for Giants young ace, Tim Lincecum, other than "The Enchanter"?

How do people manage more than one social networking site?

Ticketmaster - worst service company ever

Despite his $126 million contract, Barry Zito has only one more win than I do this season

I saw some dude wearing a shirt for a Facebook developers conference - not sure thats something I'd be proud of(?), but I guess if dudes put their expertise with Facebook on their resumes, wearing the shirt aint that big of a deal

Updates on the list of things that are not attractive whatsoever: boots with socks worn higher than the top of the boot, those stupid scarfs that are all the sudden popular with hipsters and Kanye West wannabes, gladiator sandals on girls - not attractive, sorry


TheTOB said...

Before I read this, I want to say, you totally post-dated this (pre-dated?) because it was not up when I commented about you owing me now 7 drinks at like 10pm last night.

haha. Funny blog, because I have been working on the exact same thing for a few weeks. When random thoughts pop in my head I have been adding them to the blog. It's not quite long enough for me to post.

On to it.

I'm totally addicted to Netflix movie ratings too! Dude, we should be Netflix friends. I don't have any!

I LOL'd at The Shakeup.

re: Socks above the boots. Ok, on NORMAL girls it's probably not attractive. But that chick looks way hot. I am a sucker for high socks.

*RyRowe* said...

it dates the post when you start it. so i started it(and finished, actually) just before i left work yesterday, but wanted to add the pix and linx when i got in today

TheTOB said...

Alright. I'll allow it. Back down to 6 drinks.