Monday, June 2, 2008

Something Nice

Everyday; war, crime and curuptness are sensationalized by 24-hour news while reality show trainwrecks run in syndication. Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace's soul-less shells eschew hate and propaganda under the guise of "news." Racism, stereotyping and bigotry have their own channel on cable and Hollywood socialite sextape-puppets are worshiped on primetime and checkout line rags. Junk media are absorbed and recycled into watercooler talk and Jay Leno monologues. It's sick.

But every once in a while, something manages to float its way to the top in your daily binge of information slop that isn't completely self-serving or agenda driven. That doesn't perpetuate hate, intolerance and fear. That doesn't tongue the celebrity coochie, and really, just doesn't suck.

Enjoy this, from the Media Curmudgeon on June 1st, a recent favorite piece of writing:

Article Here

"Late at night, the marine layer creeps back in. KNBR’s warbling signal slices through the fog, soaring across the stands of Eucalyptus trees up on the Nipomo Mesa just south of Pismo Beach.

The game is over. Jon Miller has told us another story. Somehow, despite the orchestrated efforts of Major League Baseball, we have been able to wander, once again, back into our necessary past."--Paul Talbot (guest blogger), Media Curmudgeon

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