Saturday, January 5, 2008


So about 40% of everything I do, I do out of spite. I make decisions irrationally, have non-sensical explanations and act purely on emotion like, a lot. Apparently enough to have realized it and be at peace with it.
So after having spent a year or so posting reviews on I have decided to pack my bags and leave. Why?: Spite...obviously.

Over Xmas break I was notified that the customer service team at Yelp had decided to remove a review I had written on the restaurant Tres Agaves. The review I wrote was basically a description of a protest I witnessed outside of Tres Agaves. Pretty standard protest stuff...wages, hours, bad management, blah blah blah. But I thought it was an incident that deserved to be reported, and I figured that Yelp was the perfect media outlet to give a small protest outside a restaurant some exposure. Plus I think Tres Agaves sucks ass.

Well I got some love for the review and I was proud. Soon thereafter, one of the owners of Tres Agaves got ahold of me and basically harrassed me via the site and email. But I felt like I stated my case well and represented the truth as accurately as possible. FFWD about a month, Yelp tells me they pulled my review. No chance for explanation or reasoning.

So here I am, leaving pseudo-blogsite Yelp to get my uncensored message out there...out of spite.

Peace Yelp!


Thomas said...

I'm not supporting this blog or your spite until I read the review you left for the place that's name I already forgot but recall that it sounded french.

So...make me happy.

CPunch said...

40% you act on emotion only? are you 40% woman then? ipso facto baby.