Monday, December 1, 2008

People I am Oddly Attracted to...

...Or, more appropriately titled: Women I am Oddly Attracted to. And I don't mean "Pam" from The Office or Sara Palin, because everyone thinks they're hot. This is an ode to the little-known, under-appreciated, and in no way categorized as "hot" by any magazine, tv show or celeb-obsessed tv networks.
Without further ado, the list is as follows (in no particular order, and in no way complete):

Jena Malone - aka, the chick from Donnie Darko...and shes from Tahoe, which I guess is kinda cool, I guess.

Michelle Obama - aka, "first lady elect"...I don't know if this technically qualifies as an odd attraction, many would argue that the future first lady is straight-up hot. I am one of those people.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis - aka, "the waitress" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...who a) is actually married to "Charlie" from the show, and b) thats all.

Ann Coulter - aka, "one of the most terrible people on earth"...believe me, I don't feel good about this, but I owe you the truth.

M.I.A - aka, "the girl who sings that gun song"...I can't believe no one had thought of doing the two different color lips thing that she did on the cover of Spin Magazine. Hot.

Michelle Malkin - aka, Fox News Channel's token minority...Similar heinousness Ann Coulter, minus the KKK aura Ann Coulter seems to emit. I wonder if I should be concerned with myself.

Kristen Schal - aka, "Mel" from The Flight of the Conchords...this ones kind of a stretch, but i suppose it fits in the spirit of the post


TheTOB said...
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TheTOB said...

hahahaah. When I started reading this I said to myself, "I can't wait to add Mel from Flight of the Conchords." Alas, you beat me to it. She's kinda weird looking, but she's so creepy, you know she knows how to get down.

Michelle Obama - way hot. I'm not sure she belongs on the list. But then, maybe we're both weird.

I'm not sure Ann Coulter belongs, either. I think she's gross. But conservatives try and thrust her out as some right-wing barbie. She has a fucking horse face, I say. But whatever. If a large portion of society think she is hot, I don't think she can go on the list.

Does Kim Kardashian count? I mean, I hear people rip her so much, but I think she's hot. She probably doesn't count the same way Ann Coulter doesn't count.

And what about this Joan from Mad Men (actress name is Christina Hendricks)? I have no idea if other people think she is hot. Her face is very pretty but she's, um, I imagine a lot wouldn't like her.

Also, Peggy from Mad Men (actress name Elisabeth Moss). She probably fits the bill. When you see the pics you'll say, "Huh?" But on the show there is something about her and I can't yet put my finger on it.

TheTOB said...

And if you argue with Kim Kardashian...

*RyRowe* said...

Kim Kardashian def. does not count. If you've posed for playboy, youre disqualified.

Id also like to add to the list, "Kelly" from The Office. Shes been looking kinda good this season.

and not sure if she qualifies, but Cambpell Brown from CNN.