Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ahead of My Time

While walking around in urban areas I like to observe the locals and play a little game called "Gay? or Just European?" The object of the game is to scrutinize and determine whether people you see on the street are, as the name of the game suggests, "Gay? or Just European?"
I've been playing this game for years. Its great fun.
Well it seems everyones favorite scenester blog, Hipster Runoff, has stolen my game on a recent post:

(from the Hipster Runoff post):

Is this bro
a) from the future
b) an electro war soldier
c) just plain EuroTrash
d) an athlete in an Xtreme Sports league
e) an extra in the film ‘2Fast, 2 Furious: XXX’
f) a scuba diver who rides underwater motorcycles
g) a participant in a race around the world where you can only use stuff that u can keep in your cargo pants
h) a backup dancer for Linkin Park
i) ‘just a fggt’
j) Choose.Your.Own.Response

...a little bummed Hipster Runoff got to write about my game before me, either way, im still amused. Guess im just a little ahead of my time.

1 comment:

Sheyna Greenamyer said...

I believe this one would have to fall under the category of a moon walking gayest gay man-boy ever.

Did you catch the comment on the side? Easy Fashion Paris...They're right, this gettup screams how easy 'fashion' can be.