Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday Night TV is for the Unemployed OR Topanga is not Funny

I don't have a job right now. And probably the worst part; actually, the only bad part of not having a job is the no-money part. Other than that, not having a job is pretty fantastic. Everyday is Saturday, its like summer as a 10-yr-old all over again. My favorite part is the feeling I get on Sundays, or lack of a feeling I should say. You know the feeling you got on Sundays when you were in school and there was a paper due the next day on a book you hadn't started reading (or hadn't even bought yet, as it were in my case). That feeling which then turned into a painful melancholy every Sunday when the thought of having to drag yourself to and from the same building for 8 or 9 hours for the next five days cast a shadow over any fun or happy feeling you may have felt. Suicidal Sundays - perfect (also the perfect name if you're looking to start an all-acoustic emo band).
Now that I no longer experience those Suicidal Sundays (for the time being), I have come across another reason why Sundays suck. Sunday Night TV.
After 11pm, TV on Sunday night is terrible. News, news, Tyler Perry's House of Pain reruns, and as I discovered last night, a show on the Style Channel called Dish (a show almost exactly like The Soup on E!) starring Topanga from Boy Meets World.
So I stopped and watched.
Shes still cute, still a lil thick, and still has huge knockers. But giving this chick a show all to herself is kinda sad to watch. Of course, it is Sunday at midnight, but Topanga struggles with comedy the same way she struggles with turning down a trip to Hometown Buffet. And for a show on Style Channel, its pretty lame that even I notice that she dresses like a 3rd grade teacher . Its like the stylists for the show called Disney and bought all the same clothes she used to wear on Boy Meets World, and told her to jump into her old mom-jeans and patterned sweaters.
Clearly mid-20 something, unemployed, males are not the shows key demographic, but Im just saying, Id totally watch if Topanga showed some cleavage.


Big Deal said...

All I'm saying is when I was a kid watching that show I definitely wanted to give Topanga the schtooping. Although I was like 9 so I thought schtoopin' was a dessert endorsed by jello.

TheTOB said...

This post is INCREDIBLY funny to me...perhaps I will let Lisa explain...

TheTOB said...

Ok, apparently she didn't explain. One of Lisa's best friends from college used to work for The Soup and now is a writer for The Dish.