Saturday, March 15, 2008

Totally Missed the Boat

On average, Id say I have a new "get rich quick" scheme every other week. Not always totally sober when I get these million dollar ideas, and not always quite sure if some other cocky, coffee-addict with cloudy vision already thought of "it"...nevertheless, the entrepreneurial spirit lives within me.
Thats why the latest political scandal stings extra bad.
As you already know, as anyone with the interweb should, Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer admitted this week to soliciting a prostitute by the name of Ashley Alexander Dupre. Spending $80,000 on goods and services from Ms. Dupre over several years.
Although the headline "Politician Participates in Extra-Marital Sex" is probably not going to surprise anyone, it does become an issue when said horny politician is known for being a moral crusader and a supposed good-guy.
Still, only mildly wowed by the story until I caught a glimpse of our lady of the night, only to realize shes actually, really, pretty.
Now, I dont really know what the rest of the country thinks, Ill have to ask my political go-to-guy, and fellow co-worker Brad for that bit of insight, but my first thoughts were not on the political, social or moral/ethical implications, nope. Like I said, I have the entrepreneurial bug, I have dollar signs in my eyes, baby!
Who's this girls agent? My guess is she probably hasn't invested her 80k or started a nest egg...Ashley Alexander, Ill work on a contingency basis, I don't get paid till you do. We'll do Oprah, Montel, Tyra, The View...tell your story to the world girl! Do I hear a 'shot at love with Ashley Alexander Dupre'?...we'll call it "Hooker with a Heart of Gold." I already have a meeting with E! Channel and Fox. The TV Guide channel wants to give you your own show. Your Myspace Music site already has 3.3 million plays 3.3 MILLION PLAYS!
Wow...looks like you've already gotten started without me.
Welp, theres always next week.


TheTOB said...

I'd totally be one of the dudes on Hooker With a Heart of Gold. She's bangin. Even if she banged for money.

Lisa said...

doesn't that make you her high-class pimp? yeah.

Ben said...

@ Lisa
if that makes him a high priced pimp we better get warrants for every fashion agent out there.
@ Ryan shave the beard, oil the sweet stash, slap your own ass, and become a porno scout.

TheTOB said...
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TheTOB said...

I came to read the new comments and I have nothing to add but the following:

The "Word Verification" random lettering says:



On this post?

You can't fucking write that shit.

*Ryan* said...

I dont know if you guys heard the latest news...Girls Gone Wild was going to offer her $1M to host a spring break show and be on their magazine...until they discovered she was already in like, 8 of their tapes.