Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Your List"

During a hazy, wine-induced stupor I found myself in casual conversation with a newlywed couple not about love, the excitement of starting a family, or even the joys of a monogamous relationship. No.
We were comparing lists.
Apparently, at some point in the lifespan of this relationship, it had become important-or funny enough to compile a list of celebrities, ignoring all marital vows, husband and wife would be allowed to sleep with should the situation arise.
The rules were as follows:
  1. You are only allowed 5 on your list
  2. You can substitute members on your list - but must explicit with the transaction
  3. Must be a publicly known figure - can't be the guy in accounting
  4. One time only - can't be a recurring "thing"
  5. Must tell the other as soon as it is appropriate - not 3 years down the road as ammunition in a fight, this is supposed to be fun!

I thought this was a pretty funny idea for a couple, kind of like a Fantasy League-"Who would you rather Do."

I think my list would look something like this(in no particular order):
  • Lilly Allen
  • Hayden Panatierre(sp?)
  • Lucy Liu
  • Stacey Dash
  • (Hot) Marge Simpson

1 comment:

TheTOB said...

This would take me a LONG time to compile, but I can say with utmost certainty that Megan Fox would be on that list.