Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Im a vain, fickle, trendy, self-absorbed person.
I buy unnecessary things. I waste. I do things that benefit only me. I don't really do much to save the environment. I operate on my own time schedule. I belittle others unnecessarily. I over exaggerate. I spit. I cuss. I have uncomfortable and inappropriate conversations in public places. I commit to doing things I know I won't do, then make up an excuse why I can't go at the last minute. I judge everything and everyone. Ive never voted for anything that wasn't online and didn't give immediate results in bar-graph form. I eat animals and wear their skin. Im hypocritical. Im arrogant and pretend to be humble when there may be something to gain. I let my voicemail inbox fill up on purpose so I don't ever have to check voicemails. I lie to bums. I pee in public. I make rude gestures towards cops at convenient distances. I rifle through my roommates food when they're not around. I take the low road. I ride a high horse. (and this is just the pg-13 list!)

Why is all of this behavior ok? I don't know. Its not, really. I don't even remember what the point of those post was supposed to be.
Oh yeah, Valentine's Day...totally not worth it.

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