Saturday, February 23, 2008

Best of Ryan Rowe aka Screw Yelp v2.1

Lexington Club

Category: Lesbian Bar

Neighborhood: The Mission

Club Lexington is definitely not the most welcoming place for a straight dude. Be prepared for dirty looks, service without the smile, possible elbows and overall impoliteness.
You are there with a lesbian.

I was there to meet my cousin, a girl who likes girls, and received all of the above treatment. Scowls from across the room, less than awesome service, etc.
Then I found my cousin and my night took a drastic turn for the better. She grabbed me by the arm and introduced me to what felt like everyone in the bar, including the bartender, and I was immediately allowed to party with the cool kids.
Interesting how all it takes is one member of the "in crowd" to let everyone else know that you're OK and with that comes instant acceptance.
Enough said, I had a great time. I think about that night every time I pass the Lexington Club now.
Thanks Lani, you're the best!


Patrick said...

So was it at all like the Lesbian Club on South Park? Was there any scissoring?

Lisa said...

I think your cousin is technically a member of the "out" crowd. Funny how the tables turn once you get gay. Wait- maybe the Lesibans thought you were gay. That could explain their friendliness.

*Ryan* said...

San Francisco can be ass-backwards at times. Out is In, Poor is Rich, Lame is often confused.