Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Speaking of Hypocrisy...

Ever say to yourself "I will never do THAT again"?
Well, as humans and free-thinkers we should all say that now and again...its called growth through experience, err something.
"Ill never eat THERE again"
"Ill never drink THAT much again"
"Ill never go THERE again"
"Ill never believe THAT again"
"Ill never buy THAT again"
All perfect examples of things we learn through experience that would seemingly make us better off in life.
Whether its ignorance, hypocrisy, forgetfulness or a learning disability, sometimes I'm just a dummy.
Fact is, I've been back to Del Taco(many times), been stupidly drunk within 24 hours of hugging a toilet swearing "id never drink again", been back to Reno, fallen for that same guy's psych-out voicemail message (you know, the one where the voicemail message starts out with the person saying "hello....uh huh, uh not here right now but please leave a message" etc. - ps. fuck you. Guy.), AND I just bought another Dell.

This behavior pattern provokes an interesting thought: is it more valuable to learn an immediate lesson and apply that lesson moving forward, or to recognize that you yourself don't actually learn a whole lot from immediate lessons. Or is it that despite the lesson, you are always prone to make an exception or ignore what you know to be true.

idk, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is on E!


TheTOB said...

The body can't remember pain. You can't remember how badly it felt to be puking your guts out after drinking. In Anatomy I remember reading in the text that it's an evolutionary defense mechanism of sorts. If the body could remember pain, women would never give birth more than once.

Most of your examples aren't physical pain, but I think it relates. For the most part, the things you don't want to repeat are things that you actually enjoy (Del Taco) or the byproduct of things you enjoy (puking after a long night of drinking) or things you secretly enjoy (the Kardashian Show...shame on you. Of course I watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which is terrible yet strangely highly entertaining).

So when it comes down to the choice of doing these things that cause you pain (or whatever), you choose to do them once again, even if you know that you might regret it later. 2:30am Jack in the Box always sits in my stomach like a ten pound brick after a night of drinking, and the next day I feel like someone punched me in the intestines 15 times. In a pinch, though, when drunk and hungry enough, I still stop.

*Ryan* said...

I admit it, Im a little ashamed seeing as I am firmly of the opinion that everything on the E! Channel makes you dumber.
But Kim Kardashian's booty can make a strong man weak.

Again one of life's great paradoxes.

Patrick said...

I had no idea who kim kardashian was, but then I googled her and found this:

You are right.