Thursday, October 16, 2008


Free time is precious when you're working one of those "day jobs" as we call 'em.
You get up at 7am, get your disgusting ass ready for work. Get to the office somewhere around 9, possibly earlier and do things at a desk, in meetings, over the phone...that somewhere down the line, result in someone getting richer; that someone is not you.
You pack your bags and head out at 6pm, possibly later, and prepare for the ever-fantastic commute home from some office-type setting to your home.
Bus rides with local derelicts breathing heavily on your neck, dry-humping things you can't see, why is this thing im holding onto greasy? I love life.
Or, the alternative...
Freeways that look like parking lots, blond bitches on their cell phones to your right(isn't that illegal now?), random exec dude in his beamer on the left...I hate you. I wonder how much the cost of gas used commuting to and from work cuts into what I actually make.
Best case scenario, Im home by 6:30pm. Realistic scenario, Im home by 7pm or 7:15.
Sweet, all I want to do is eat. Mmmm, should I make some tacos? Maybe pasta? I don't actually sit down to eat till 8pm.
Eat, do the dishes, it's now 9pm.
Best case scenario, I don't really start to get tired for 3-4 hours. Realistic scenario, I start to get tired in 2-3 hours and wanna go to bed. Imagine that, out of 24, only 2-3 are mine. Seriously, WTF?

Im going to T-Bell and listen to "Rat Race" by Problem Solved.


Lindsey said...

Thank FUCK its Friday.

Jen said... still at fucking work. so three to four are mine? i think not...