Monday, October 27, 2008

Biker Bros, Beware of Baldin!

(see what I did there?...thats called "alliteration")

Guest blogger "Lindsey" writes:

bicyclists. in the city. blow. they don't signal, they give motorists crap, they have their own fucking lane and ride the highest of horses about not leaving a carbon fucking footprint. They don't pay registration and don't obey rules of the road aaaaaaaand they get no tickets. Most disturbing is how they ride to work and are all sweaty.

I followed a biker lady this morning that cut me off and at a light i rolled down the window like i was going to ask for directions and screeched at her; "Use your fucking brain and signal."
Not a shining moment, but yet I can't help wishing I would have had something to throw at her, a milkshake, a used kleenex, a baby, whatever."


*RyRowe* said...

Please dont throw a baby...theyre so cute!
I would also have hesitations about throwing your milkshake as well, as it appears to bring 100% of the boys to the yard.

But honestly, id say this lil moped fad is far more annoying to me. So loud, so wimpy looking.

Lindsey said...

mmmmmm.....milkshakes. according to broke-ass stuart (guide to cheap living in sf) the best milkshake's are from lori's (diner not cash-money). wonder how many boys are in her proverbial "yard?" and honestly (mostly because i can't ride one), mopeds are lame, except for sheyna's, don't thing the "hog" could be considered a wimp.

Sheyna Greenamyer said...

I shall not be put in the same category as moped riders. Lindsey is right, my hog is no wimp and neither is the driver. You cut me off or honk at me i'll stare you down like no has ever stared you down before. Seriously, it can cut glass.

As far as bikers, well they just suck in this city.

*RyRowe* said...

Question: In which city do bikers (bicyclists)NOT suck?