Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The REAL Chicago

Keeping with the work-trip tradition of posting while traveling from city to city, I thought I'd kick this one off by proclaiming Chicago the raddest town in America.
I know, I know, youre thinking - "why Ryan, what an unsubstantiated claim you make regarding the overall likability of one city over another"
Well here's why Chicago rules: within 3 hours of getting off my plane I devoured one of the best slabs of ribs I've ever had in my life at The Weber Grill Restaurant and was solicited for sex outside my hotel by what I have to assume was a homeless crackhead(woman).

Heres how the convo went...

Homeless Crackhead: Can you help me out with some change?

Ryan: Sorry, I don't have anything on me (pulls out pockets Uncle Pennybags style)

HC: Are you here alone?

Ryan: Yeah

HC: Can I stay with you?

Ryan: Sure

HC: (pauses) What do you think I mean?

Ryan: ummm

HC: Can I go upstairs with you?

Ryan: OHH no no no, Im ok, thank you

...HC scurries along nervously

You rule Chicago.


Turner said...

go to a cubs it, also, drink old style and hang out with oprah.

Turner said...

and since I think this might be the best way to get in touch with you, i'm coming home in late october for the first time in 2 years. will you be in sf for halloween? lets jam.

*RyRowe* said...

hung out with Oprah last night...girl can eat!

late October, nice!...keep me posted.

TheTOB said...

Old Style Light is where it's at.