Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Things from Philadelphia

People in Philadelphia are nice! Way nicer than I expected. I have to wonder if the stereotype is all hype or if people of Philadelphia all got together and decided to be nice to the tourists.

The bell kinda sux

Despite my lactose intolerance, I had a Philly Cheesesteak or "steak"...2 of them in fact(on seperate not trying to prove anything here)

Philly has the best alleys, not only are they all historical and whatnot with the bricks and cobblestones, but they are definitely prime stooping locations as well

I heard Ben Franklin was player

These people really care a lot about the Eagles

Walking around the city of Philadelphia makes me realize how MANY homeless people there are in San Francisco. Its ridiculous! Totally made me think of that South Park episode where all the homeless people are walking around asking for "chaaaaaaange"...and their solution to get rid of the homeless people is to convince them to move to California by setting up a P.A. system on top of a party bus singing the South Park version of California Love..."California...loves the homeless, Californ-yuh-uh...super cool to the homeleh-ess"

Philly has soul, Ive heard it before, but its true, indescribable, but theres soulfulness to this city...maybe it just seems that way because theres a park that has a giant statue that says "LOVE"

Unlike San Francisco, people seem to put effort into their looks/appearance. Even the fuglies look nice...its kind of refreshing. Idk, maybe its just a difference in style and trends. Either way, I like the "I bathe and like a flattering appearance" look, rather than the "I don't wash my hair and buy my clothes from the homeless dude on 16th and Valencia selling VHS tapes and little league trophies - despite having some sort of income and the ability to live in San Francisco" style that SF is rockin right now

Counterpoint to the above statement: The financial district is waaaaay to stuffy

EVERY food establishment in the city sells cheesesteaks, its ridiculous. Pizza places, burger joints, deli's, WaWa's(the philly version of 7/11), even the high-end steak house - Barclay's Prime serves a Kobe beef cheesesteak...for $100!

Smoke. In. Bars...TONS of it. I literally got a buzz in the 3 minutes I stood at the bar waiting for a drink

Despite James and Lauri's gushing over the 7/11-esque "WaWa's" in Philadelphia - id say they are way overrated. Pretty much just your average am/pm or 7/11 with a deli

The Rocky statue isnt at the top of the stairs. Totally didnt know that. Its at the bottom and to the side of the famous Philadelphia Art Museum steps that Rocky Balboa runs up in the "Rocky" movies

Yeah it was hot as balls, but Philadelphia was a good experience. Go there, run up the stairs, eat a cheesesteak and be happy.


Turner said...

how did you not call up toddmo, johnson and conway? Conway lives up coast a bit but Toddmo absolutely RULES the financial district dusche-bag yuppies bars. He can be found still wearing his full work suit (with tie) at 11pm drunk singing "Dead or Alive" most nights of the week in downtown Philly.
Also, gotta ask, Pat's or Gino's?

mfzmou said...

I wanna recommended for picklimo, they are so flexible so far I know..
Party Bus Philadelphias