Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Im So Over Journey...and other thoughts

Percentage of Sacramento bars that feel like you're on the set of a "straight to DVD" movie - 85%

Coldplay is the Applebee's of pop music...boring, bland, cookie cutter, production line drivel. According to my friend Conrad, "Coldplay is hella puss-core"

I like Kanye's frollet - (frollet = afro+mullet).

Straight males: if you've watched the movie "He's Just Not That Into You"; punch yourself ON the penis.

Valentine's Day...uggggghhhhhh

We all know that Comcast is terrible, but everytime I call to bitch them out their customer service people treat me so kindly I end up just agreeing with everything they say and kinda wishing we could be friends. God I suck.

Id like to conduct an experiment: how many 20-something whiteboys can you fit into a room before Journey begins playing inexplicably? Although I do not have an answer to this question, I have reason to believe that alcohol appears to be a catalyst.

Myspace is so worthless to me.

I consider myself pretty well-versed in pop-culture. I read the occasional trash blog, I watch "The Soup" and skim the headlines of the tabloids when I go to the grocery store. So how is it that I have never heard a song, hook or even a chorus by either Miley Cyrus or The Jonas Brothers? Aren't they like the most famous people ever right now?

Im so bored with sports right now. Specifically, the Sacramento Kings. How could a team and a sport I once loved so dearly, be so excruciatingly painful to watch now?


TheTOB said...

I have a great Journey story.

Lisa and I were going to the first Cal game of the season in September. We were running late so we drove to Berkeley. As we roll up to campus we drive by frat row. As we drive by the first frat, the sounds of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" blare from the frat into our window, with a ton of frat guys and sorority hoes rocking out and getting drunk on the front lawn. We laugh at comment on how cliched that moment was.

30 seconds later we come to the next frat and the exact same scene, except the song is Journey's "Any Way You Want It." We laugh again, almost baffled at the ridiculous timing.

Finally we come to the third frat. I believe the song was Journey's "Be Good To Yourself."

It was pretty incredible, even in hindsight. I could not believe it.

Turner said...

if journey had any balls they would be rush.

TheTOB said...

Also, it's funny you did this because I have a "Random Thoughts" blog that I am about ready to unleash. It's not quite long enough yet, though.

Lyndsay said...

so you have been punching your self in the penis---over and over again? i sure hope so.