Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hall of Famer or F student?

Dating back to my days in college when my roommates and I didn't have cable, I have been watching Maury Povich, or I like to call him, for years now.
First, Id like to recognize that The Maury Povich show is pure trash. Garbage...I know; and I can come up with no other reason for watching the show other than pure boredom. But if I ever become famous, and someone asks me at a press conference if/why I ever watched MoPo, Ill say I was "young and naive" and then blame it on my cousin.
The bread & butter of the MoPo power hour is the incredibly entertaining "Are you my babies daddy? - DNA Testing"...which never gets old for me really. Fantastic stuff. But every once in a while Maury will switch it up and have a show dedicated to guessing which of the 8-10 guests on his show were born men, and which were born women. Its quite simple really. Maury introduces a guest, usually adorned in a fancy gown for the ball he/she will never be invited to, then asks the audience..."Man or Woman?"
Watching this spectacle today, and playing along with the MoPo studio audience, I began to ask myself--what is a good success rate in the "Man or Woman" game?
Obviously a perfect success rate is probably ideal in your own personal life...I gotta imagine one "wrong" guess, is one too many. But in the Maury Povich "Man or Woman?" I went 5 for 9.
Thats an F - 55%. But in baseball terms, thats a .555 batting average. Im a Hall of Famer.

So my questions is: what is considered a good success rate when playing the "Man or Woman?" game?

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Lisa said...

I think if you can guess over half of the genders correctly, that's a good score. Surgery these days has gone pretty far in hiding the original gender of a person, so the guessing game has gotten harder as a result of technology. However, I feel it's easier to identify a man who changed into a woman vs. the opposite.

Also, I've always appreciated Maury's societal role as the ultimate determiner of paternity.