Monday, January 12, 2009

Slow Start to 2009

I would like to give a sincere apology to my 5 (or so) readers for the lack of new posts in 09. I've been adjusting to my new environment and sudden drop in baller-status (downgraded from C list to D- List).
Nevertheless, I must persist. So onward and upward motherfuckers.

Now that I got that awkward and embarrassing apology out of the way (notice the perfect use of the "F word" to ease some of the tension)--Id like to finally put some thought into some of the things I want to do, experience or accomplish in 2009. This is not a list of resolutions, but just some things I'd like to have in the back of my mind throughout the year.

  • Go rock climbing - or learn how
  • Stretch everyday - I should really be able to touch my toes, not somewhere halfway down my shins
  • Learn how to play harmonica - Im such a sucker for the harmonica
  • Get my gray slacks hemmed - shits been bothering me for months
  • Save money - time to be a grown up
  • Leave the country - somewhere strange, aka NOT mexico
  • Listen to people - I mean REALLY listen, instead of just thinking what to say next
  • Go fishing - I used to love fishing when I was a kid, now I can drink beer AND fish at the same time!
  • Get to those Netflix's that have been hovering in the middle of my queue for the last year - Im talking about you 'Corpse Bride' and 'Raising Arizona'
  • Learn something new to put on my resume - no, graphing unnecessary, nonsensical correllations in excel doesn't count as a 'skill'
  • Get a job - step 1) write resume, step 2) ummmmmm....
  • Carry cash - "cash only" can be such a bummer, well the solution is simple
  • Start a compost pile - not to sound like a hippie, but what else is my unemployed-ass gonna do?
  • and of course...Write!!!


Turner said...

my new years resolution was to eat pancakes on new years day. I overheard my Mom a few days earlier talking about how she was planning on cooking pancakes for the whole crew (family vacation), so new years day, I wake up, pancakes, bang, I'm done. Now I have the rest of the year to relax, its that easy folks.

Turner said...

as for leaving the country, it depends on how many dough cakes you have to spend, but let me suggest south-east asia, thailand, cambodia, vietnam, hong kong, macau all good choices.
South America would be tight too, namely Brazil, namely Rio.

Lindsey said...

i, too, was discussing the finer points of fishing not so long ago. you, beer, water, pole...sounds like a creepy theme strip joint...anyway, i dig it. i used to go when i was little also. keep me posted.

Lisa said...

We have a lot in common, Ryan.

It's funny you said you want start a compost pile. Composting was on my list of things to do when I moved home. Then I got depressed, and chose to store my rotting filth emotionally. Surely it will nourish the garden of happiness I'll someday reap.

Also, I'm planning a sojourn to Chile this summer.

Also, I got two dresses hemmed that had been unwearable for about a year.

Also, I can't touch my toes.

Big Deal said...

If you've got some extra time I can arrange for you to get kidnapped and left for dead in a random country. Think about the excitement and growth that could come out of being thrown in a burlap sack and put in the hatch of what sounds like a single engine cessna for 17 hours.
Than waking up in the middle of a deep forest with only a knife, a 15 lb bag of rice, and a hand drawn map that happens to be written on your only roll of toilet paper... single ply.

2009 all about adventure