Wednesday, April 15, 2009

They fooled me!

So its been a month or so since I last posted, and frankly only one noteworthy occurrence has taken place in my life: I got a job. Huzzah.

The only other accomplishment I can claim is that I have successfully completed Season 1 of the CBS hit, "How I Met Your Mother".
The show came highly recommended by very trustworthy colleagues-whose taste and style come without question. So I Netflix'd it. And after spending time watching it with friends and family, I was hooked. The characters are easy to identify with, the scenarios are campy and funny in that network sitcom sorta way, and the portrayal of life as a young person living in "the city" is quite accurate and hits close to home for me. The shows' All-Star is "Barney"--the arrogant, womanizing, ego-maniac friend who happens to be played by Neil Patrick Harris...aka NPH, aka Doogie Howser MD; who hilariously steals every scene. I had enjoyed the show so much that I watched the entire first season, and then committed to watching the entire first season AGAIN with my mom and sister on Easter Sunday.
(I know, sounds kinda lame, but my mom made me go to church on Easter--so hungover from Saturday night--I just wanted to lay on the couch after the service and "press play" on something that would play for a long time)
This is when my crush on "How I Met Your Mother" ended.
Somewhere around the end of disc 2 of season 1 my sister casually said to me "You like a girls show". She meant this in a joking manner, and I totally defended the manliness of my show selection, but right then I realized, "How I Met Your Mother" fooled me.
And like the detectives from the Usual Suspects it all began peicing together in my mind.
  • The main character is a HUGE vagine
  • all the characters in the show (except Barney - the NPH character) are all lovey-dovey
  • every episode ends in some over the top romantic observation designed to evoke an "awwwwww" reaction from girls
  • Jason Segel (of Forgetting Sara Marshall frontal nudity fame) is cheesier and less funny than any character he has played in a long time
  • I really only watch the show to see and hear what Barney(NPH) will do or say
  • and lastly, and most obviously, the show now runs in syndication on Lifetime
You know that emoticon of the guy with the straight face...all stoic-like. Thats me. Thats how serious I am right now. I just figured out that Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze. If you dont believe me, go back and watch an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". I dare you to tell me that "How I Met Your Mother" is NOT a pussified, Lifetime channel version of "It's Always Sunny..."
Ill still watch the show to celebrate this contemporary NPH era we are experiencing in pop-culture, but I will no longer allow the devil to convince me that "How I Met Your Mother" isn't a girls show.


Turner said...

so whats the job?

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